Your PGI Score

Hero7 helps you create a better process to manage retirement plans.

We’ll help you understand and quantify fiduciary readiness and risk with a Plan Governance Index (PGI™) Score.

The Plan’s PGI score is an easy-to-understand number that measures your plan’s success in three critical dimensions: plan administration, investment process, and participant outcomes.
Process of Investing Chart with 3 labels. 1) Process of investing. 2) Plan administration. 3) Participant outcomes.
PGI Score thermometer; a score of 91-100 is low risk, a score of 81-90 is medium risk, a score of 66-80 is medium-high rosk, a score of 0-65 is high risk.

As you collaborate, you will document who is responsible for essential tasks and how well they are performing.

This creates clarity.
Clarity creates comfort.

A perfect PGI score across all three sections of the Hero7 experience is 100. Your score is an indicator of plan success and suggests opportunities for you to collaborate with your plan team to improve where needed.

Are plan fiduciaries performing? Are service contracts from plan vendors being fulfilled? Are there service gaps that can be fixed?

How do you know?

Why It Matters


As a plan fiduciary, you have a responsibility to oversee plan service providers. Once you know who is serving you and how well they are doing, you will more confidently fulfill your role.

The collaboration you foster will produce a better alignment among all parties to help you reach your company’s retirement plan goals.

If you ever need to answer questions by regulators about the performance of your plan, your robust, documented process will help you as you respond.

What it is and isn’t

The PGI is…

A number that represents the success of your retirement plan process

An indicator of potential fiduciary risk

An indicator of where you may wish to apply effort to improve plan performance

The PGI is not

A warranty of fiduciary performance

A replacement for ongoing communication and collaboration between plan fiduciaries

A fiduciary certification

It’s time you know who is serving your retirement plan and how well.

It’s time for Hero7.