Clarify your Retirement Plan Process

A retirement plan is designed to deliver savings and tax benefits but, to many employers, the complex array of services and service providers is difficult to manage. It can feel like the process is anything but transparent.

Hero7 will help you establish a better process that makes oversight clear and aligned to your goals.

3 Important Benefits of a

Better Process

Reduce the risk of a fiduciary breach while improving readiness, should the plan be audited

Gain peace of mind knowing how service providers are aligned and supporting the plan.

Focus on the outcomes of people and the profitability of each company.

How many of these services apply to your retirement plans?

Do you know how well they are being performed? By whom?

Department of Labor audits of retirement plans frequently reveal a failure to produce a documented process to manage the plan or to follow that process.

Hero7 makes it easy for plan sponsors and trusted advisors to improve how they fulfill their roles.

of Investing
Participant Outcomes
3(21) Fiduciary Plan Design Wellness Services
3(38) Fiduciary
3(16) Services “The Participant Experience” Services
QDIA Selection and Monitoring Recordkeeping Benchmarking Services Actuarial Services
Stable Value Selection and Monitoring Payroll Integration Asset Liability Monitoring
Investment Benchmarking Services Audit Services Selection and Oversight Non-Qualified Plan Implementation
Updating and Customizing the IPS
ERISA Consulting Decumulation Income Strategies
Cybersecurity HSA Services
Process of Investing Chart with 3 labels. 1) Process of investing. 2) Plan administration. 3) Participant outcomes.

Hero7’s Focus on the 3 Areas of Plan Success

Plan success is a measure of how well fiduciaries and service providers execute on plan administration, demonstrate a prudent process of investing, and invest in behaviors that lead to better participant outcomes.

Hero7 addresses each of these three core areas and produces a Plan Governance Index (PGI) Score, a barometer of fiduciary risk.

With Hero7, you will discover, discuss and document who is serving the plan and how they are performing. You’ll know where you are successful and where you may need to focus next.

It’s all about helping create a better process that leads to better outcomes.