Resource Review – Hero7 and the Plan Governance Index (PGI™) Score

Are you looking for a way to get your foot in the door and offer a fiduciary assessment (of sorts) to new 401k prospects? How about a way to document and measure all the work you do with plan sponsors and help bullet-proof your book by demonstrating a strong process is in place?

I recently spoke with Todd Harlow from Hero7 about a valuable resource they offer advisors called the Plan Governance Index (PGI™) Score and this article outlines my impression of that tool.


When I was an active 401(k) advisor, I created a “Fiduciary Risk Review” that helped us open more doors, and close more business.

It was a different offering than what most advisors were using.

It included a questionnaire that asked plan sponsors a set of 30 question…

  • 10 to identify if their plan is meeting success as defined by the DOL
  • 10 questions to identify if they’re meeting success by Participant’s standards
  • and 10 Plan Sponsor success questions.

By going through this simple questionnaire, and providing a fiduciary risk assessment report – we were able to offer tremendous value by giving plan sponsors a report card of what they were doing well – and suggestions for improvement in areas they weren’t sure about.

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